Updates on Buzzards

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the situation, then you’ll have seen this already as it’s a C & P of the updates I was posting on the last Blog as comments. However if not, please read. And please do share on Twitter, Facebook etc. The more people we can get signing the petitions the better the chance we have of making sure a beautiful bird of prey doesn’t decline again.

If you haven’t read the Blog DEFRA- Definitely Enhancing the Finances of Rich Aristos, do so first here

This was a few hours after the original post-

You can download the information here
at the time of writing it’s the 5th one down. The only thing I didn’t know was that it lasts 3 years, and starts next week on June 1st.

And then the next day (yesterday) After some more digging around, i posted these-

Apparently, DEFRA seems to think everyone thinks they’re setting up cull trials. We don’t. We have read what the trials entail, and have decided that they are wrong, and deaths will occur as a result of some of the measures. DEFRA needs to stop addressing an issue that doesn’t exist, and actually address the issues being presented. It’s excellent smokescreening as when anyone not hugely interested hears it, it’ll sound like we are all getting the wrong idea, so none of the facts need come to light for the general public as we, the concerned suddenly become whinging hippies again. Their statement is here
Also, in case you’re wondering what we’re all getting angry about, here are some facts and figures that will show how unnecessary this is

There is also now a petition, so please sign it here

Nick Self has just found another petition here

Please sign as many as you find- don’t just pick the one that looks like the better option. Also, if you find any, let me know. I’d rather the same one was on here a couple of times than not at all.

Lastly, use the hashtag #SaveOurBuzzards on Twitter- it has trended, and the more it does, the more awareness we are raising.

I will continue to post new Blogs as updates as and when things come to light.


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