Greedy Vets…

A few weeks ago, Tilly (our parrot) was diagnosed with PBFD (Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease). It’s a bad illness, so we’ve changed her diet and we give her meds to make sure she’s pain-free, and we’ll do what we can until it finally takes her. Thankfully, so far, she hasn’t been affected badly other than losing her feathers- she’s still chatty and happy, so that’s all good.

We got a call from the vets yesterday asking if we want to attend a talk tonight about nutritional requirements… at a fiver each to attend! A fiver. Am I wrong in thinking that this information should be part of the cost? Granted, they let us off about 50 quid on the initial fees because we’re out of work, but it still came to 250. And they want to charge us extra for nutritional information? No chance. It’s an animal whose life is at high risk- should a vet really be rationing out advice as if too mu h in one go will kill her? Thankfully, we’re not idiots and have looked unto it already, so we know the nutritional Information. But what about an elderly person who takes their vet at their word because they trust them? I’m unimpressed to say the least.


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