Why I Do

Well, it’s been a while. Over a year in fact. A lot has happened in that time, both good and bad. I’m not going to bore you by going through it all, suffice it to say that each thing would be able to interrupt my blogging, but none of it for this long, so I’ve … Continue reading

Get Out Of The Armchair

We’re always being told that wildlife thrives anywhere- towns and cities, the countryside, gardens, nature reserves etc. And while it’s true, we only ever go to our local Country Park or Reserve to see it- either that or we watch it in our garden. So what about everywhere else? The village pond (yes, they do … Continue reading

Small And Pretty Or Big And Ugly?

I’d like to talk about the birds in our garden. Before you start groaning and stop reading, this isn’t a How-to, or a lecture on what you should be putting in/on your feeders. It’s a story about our attitudes towards the birds that were visiting. We moved here in November a year and a half … Continue reading

Predatory In The UK

Just a warning- the start of this post may well be upsetting to some. If you think this may be be you (particularly if you’ve recently lost a pet), then definitely skip the rest of this first paragraph now. Recently I was at Porthkerry Park, when a couple came up to the Ranger saying that … Continue reading