Get Out Of The Armchair

We’re always being told that wildlife thrives anywhere- towns and cities, the countryside, gardens, nature reserves etc. And while it’s true, we only ever go to our local Country Park or Reserve to see it- either that or we watch it in our garden. So what about everywhere else? The village pond (yes, they do … Continue reading

Small And Pretty Or Big And Ugly?

I’d like to talk about the birds in our garden. Before you start groaning and stop reading, this isn’t a How-to, or a lecture on what you should be putting in/on your feeders. It’s a story about our attitudes towards the birds that were visiting. We moved here in November a year and a half … Continue reading

Predatory In The UK

Just a warning- the start of this post may well be upsetting to some. If you think this may be be you (particularly if you’ve recently lost a pet), then definitely skip the rest of this first paragraph now. Recently I was at Porthkerry Park, when a couple came up to the Ranger saying that … Continue reading